Hot Honey & Feta Sticks

Pita sticks tossed in EVOO and finished with a drizzle of hot honey feta sauce and chopped parsley.

Hot Feta Sticks

Kontos pita sticks tossed in EVOO and drizzled with spicy whipped feta before finishing with fresh microgreens.

Spanakopita Dippers

Bubbly creamed spinach and feta dip, studded with melted shreds of mozzarella. The dip is garnished with fresh oregano, red pepper flakes, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Served with a side of crispy, baked, cocktail flatbreads for dipping.

Nan Molletes

Tandoori Nan brushed with olive oil is spread with refried beans and topped with shredded Oaxaca cheese before baking until golden. The Mollete is finished with thinly sliced fresh avocado, fresh Pico de Gallo, crumbled cotija cheese, and fresh lime.

Butter Chicken Pizza

Our white pocket-less pita brushed with olive oil and topped with rich and creamy butter chicken sauce, shredded mozzarella, grilled chicken, and sliced red onions before baking until crust is golden and cheese is bubbly. Finished with a drizzle of Greek yogurt and Fresh chopped cilantro.

Hummus Flatbread Lemon Butter Board

Lemon butter topped with kalamata olives, sliced cherry tomatoes, crumbled Greek Feta, toasted pine nuts, and za’atar seasoning. Served with a side of warm hummus flatbread pita points for dipping.

Satay Souvlaki Chicken Skewers

Kontos Souvlaki chicken skewers grilled to perfection, finished with a drizzle of Thai peanut sauce and fresh chopped green onion. Using Kontos® Chicken Souvlaki/Kebab