For more than 60 years we have produced premium-quality products using the finest ingredients and time-honored methods. The Kontos name will always be your guarantee of quality, flavor, and convenience.

About our products

Our specialty is flatbreads & fillo dough, with family recipes dating back to the 1960s. Since our family is deeply rooted in our Greek heritage, we carry a variety of authentic, Mediterranean products to fit all your culinary needs.

Product categories include a variety flatbreads, pocket pita, wraps, crepes, fillo dough & appetizers, baklava, gyro meats, dips, cheeses, olives & much more.

Our history

In 1948 Evripides Kontos emigrated to the United States from Cyrpus to pursue his American dream to become a fillo baker. Evripides soon opened and operated a fillo pastry bakery in the Greater New York City area until selling it in 1984. 

In 1987, Evripides’ son Steve Kontos, inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for baking, eventually decided to venture out on his own.  After growing up learning the trade from Evripides and experimenting with different recipes, Steve took the opportunity to open his own flatbread company, trying to perfect the perfect Pocket-less pita. Together, Steve and his father created the original and famous New York-style pita bread that many have tried to recreate across the country, known for its fluffy texture and versatile use.

Their success was a testament to the dedication and passion they both had for the baking industry and they continued to innovate and expand the business. Today, Kontos Foods produces 60+ flavors and shapes of flatbread, fillo dough, and fillo products; additionally, Kontos distributes a variety of product categories such as meats, cheese, olives, mediterranean specialties, dips and many more.

The legacy of Steve and Evripides Kontos continues to inspire future generations of bakers and entrepreneurs, and their story serves as a testament to the power of hard work to achieve the American dream.