Kontos Chef Demetrios’ Greek Recipes Featured in Halal Consumer

Greek recipes are healthy and delicious for a reason Kontos Foods Corporate Executive Chef Demetrios Haralambatos recently explored Greece Cuisine in Halal Consumer issue 54. Halal Consumer is from the Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America, commonly known as IFANCA.org. Chef Demetrios’ feature story talks about how Greek cuisine evolved in a country made up of […]

Kontos sponsors new cooking series

Kontos is a proud sponsor of Kukla’s Kouzina Flippin’ Greek, a new cooking series from Greek Cooking Blog Kukla’s Kouzina. The series is designed to make Greek cooking accessible to anyone. It has new episodes debuting Monday through Thursday weekly. Find complete recipes for all the episodes at Kukla’s Kouzina. “Featuring familiar non-Greek recipes we […]