Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Greek
Servings 10 people


  • Sheet pan


  • Butter, melted
  • Kontos Fillo #7 Dough, thawed
  • Kontos Feta Cheese, cut into ½-¾-inch pieces, about 4x6-inches
  • Blueberry Preserves
  • 1 pint Fresh Blueberries
  • Lemon zest from one lemon, for garnish
  • ¼ cup Confectioner’s Sugar (for garnish)


  • Pre-heat oven to 360° F

After opening the thawed Fillo dough and covering it with a dry-damp towel:

  • Remove one sheet of Fillo dough to your work surface, so the long side of the Fillo is facing you, lengthwise.
  • Lightly butter the right half of the Fillo.
  • Fold the un-buttered side over the buttered side and lightly butter the top.
  • Remove Feta cheese from package. If it's packed in brine, be sure to blot with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Nearest you, place a piece of Feta cheese, centered left to right, about 2 inches from the bottom.
  • Place 2 teaspoons of blueberry preserves atop the Feta.
  • Add 4-5 fresh blueberries atop the preserves.
  • Fold the left and right sides of the Fillo, over the Blueberry/Feta mound, and butter lightly.
  • Fold up the bottom of the Fillo packet, and continue to roll/fold until the end.
  • Place on a buttered sheet pan, and use the tip of a sharp knife to cut through the top layer from edge to edge. Butter the exposed top.
  • Repeat until you have all the packets you desire.
  • Place in a pre-heated oven and bake for 12 minutes.
  • Remove from oven, dust with Confectioner's Sugar and some lemon zest and serve.


  • You can slice the Feta Cheese in short logs, and make cigar-sized appetizers.
  • Add the lemon zest atop of the blueberries before baking.


Handling and Working with Fillo Dough:
Fillo (also called Phyllo) Dough are usually found in the supermarket or specialty food stores, in the frozen food section.
Before using, there are several steps that one must follow:
  1. The night before using, move the unopened package from the freezer to refrigerator.
  2. The next day, remove from refrigerator (unopened) to your counter.
  3. Do not open package for about two hours.
When ready to work with the Fillo:
  1. Open the package and unfold.
  2. Work with one sheet at time.
  3. Keep the balance of the dough, covered with a dry-damp towel.
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