Spinach-Mushroom Personal Pizza

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  1. With a convection oven, preheat oven to 375 degrees F. With a conventional oven, preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Combine Goat and Feta cheese in a bowl until well blended. Spread the cheese mixture evenly on Kontos Pizza Crust. Top evenly with sliced mushrooms, spinach, and onion. Sprinkle shredded Parmesan Cheese evenly on top. Place topped pizza into the oven, directly on rack for crispy crust, on a pan for soft crust. (Note: Toaster ovens are ideal for Kontos Foods Pizza Parlor Crust!). If using a convection oven, bake for 5-6 minutes. If using a conventional oven, bake for 6-8 minutes. Remove from oven with a baking sheet or pizza spatula. Let cool for 1-2 minutes. Slice into 4-6 slices. Enjoy! (Note: Oven baking times can vary - Flatbread pizza is ready when edges are medium to dark brown).

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