Kataifi-Wrapped Baked Brie Serves 4

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  1. 1. Thaw Kontos Kataifi Dough prior to baking. 2. Preheat oven to 400⁰F. 3. Place Brie on a small baking dish, lined with parchment paper. Top with apricot slices arranged in a spiral pattern and glaze with 3 tbsp. apricot jam. 4. Gently loosen or break the strands of Kataifi apart. Wrap Kataifi around the sides of the cheese. Brush liberally with melted butter. 5. Bake until Kataifi is crisp and golden brown—about 15-20 minutes depending on thickness of Brie wheel. Garnish with grapes. Serve warm on a platter with toasted baguette slices, figs, grapes and apricots.

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