Kontos sponsors new cooking series

Kontos is a proud sponsor of Kukla’s Kouzina Flippin’ Greek, a new cooking series from Greek Cooking Blog Kukla’s Kouzina. The series is designed to make Greek cooking accessible to anyone. It has new episodes debuting Monday through Thursday weekly. Find complete recipes for all the episodes at Kukla’s Kouzina.

“Featuring familiar non-Greek recipes we flipped to Greek-island style using ingredients and cooking techniques found in Karpathos.”

KuKla’s Kouzina

Kukla’s Kouzina says it wanted to dispel the myth that Greek cooking is complicated and time-consuming. So, it focused on taking familiar non-Greek recipes, “flipped to Greek island style using ingredients and cooking techniques found in Karpathos.” Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands. The recipe segments are 2 to 15 minutes, perfect for even novice cooks to follow along.

Inspiration for the series

“During our time in Karpathos, we learned that the locals’ quick meals made from the island’s staples like fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices, and protein, prepared using certain methods, came out tasting Greek-island delicious,” they say. Sisters Kelly Salonica Staikopoulos and Joanne Staikopoulos-Marzella (and Joanne’s daughter Jacqueline) are the voice of Kukla’s. They carry on the cooking traditions of their mother/grandmother Mary. The first week features Br-Egg-fast Makeovers, the second week focuses on Lunch Makeovers. Here are few of the delicious recipes. Enjoy!

EGGS KUKLA (episode 102)
Kukla’s gives a Greek nod to eggs Benedict with a béchamel sauce (from Kukla’s Meze cookbook). It recommends Kontos pita for its “freshness and flavor.”

OPA! WRAP (episode 104)
This Greek wrap-and-go breakfast is an omelet made with gyro meat, bell pepper, and kasseri cheese. They use Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread, which has half the carbs or regular flatbread.

CHICKEN KASSERI (episode 108)
A Greek-island adaptation of a chicken-parmesan hero. Ditch the parm for kasseri cheese and serve on panini pita. Serve with a garden salad to round out the meal.

EGG ROLL MBOUREKIA (episode 106)
Mbourekia are phyllo (Fillo) packets made with cheese, meat or vegetable stuffings. Kukla’s wraps Kontos Fillo around veggies and lamb biftekia (Greek burgers) with feta. Then they bake the mbourekia bundles to golden perfection. Serve with tzatziki for the perfect dip.

They use Kontos Fillo No. 5. Kontos makes Fillo in thicknesses, ranging from 4 (tissue and pliable); 5 (tissue thin and crispy); 7 (thicker yet flexible); and 10 (thickest perfect for spanakopita).

Photo credit: All images and video are from Kukla’s Kouzina.