Kontos Foods Featured in Popular Culinary Podcast Series

Kontos Foods Marketing Director Warren Stoll Shares Story of Kontos’ Marketing Strategy & Overseas Expansion with Hosts of On The Menu 

Ann & Peter Haigh
Hosts Ann and Peter Haigh host On The Menu, an Internet-based program on the wide world of food, drink & travel.

Paterson, New Jersey – Sept. 5, 2019 –  Kontos Foods, Inc. Marketing Director Warren Stoll is featured in a popular Internet radio series, discussing the unique features of Kontos flatbread, the history of the company, how a non-Greek marketing director ended up working for this family-owned and operated company and much more.

Ann and Peter Haigh host On The Menu, an Internet-based program on the wide world of food, drink & travel. The Internet-based radio program is broadcast Sunday mornings on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify. A permanent recording is available on those platforms as well as on onthemenuradio.com. Stoll’s interview is in the September 1 program, available in its entirety here, an excerpt of just Stoll’s interview is available here.

Stoll, who has nearly three decades experience from working at packaged goods companies Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser, came to Kontos Foods 7 years ago at the request of co-founder and president Steve Kontos. Stoll is responsible for creating and leading all marketing, business development, branding, advertising, promotions, public relations, social media, and export sales for this privately held Greek and Mediterranean Foods business. In the interview Stoll explains how Kontos repositioned one of the company’s now leading brands—Greek Lifestyle. Formerly known as Smart Carb, Greek Lifestyle has half the carbs of traditional flatbread, but as Stoll points out, it also has 15 grams of protein, and other health benefits that made it desirable to a host of consumers seeking a healthier bread. He also talks about the company’s expansion into overseas markets, and explains to Ann Haigh, who playfully points out his last name isn’t a Greek one, how one sells and markets a Greek brand without growing up in a Greek household. Tune in to hear the entire podcast.  

On The Menu radio show/podcast launched in 2004 & has aired one-hour of content weekly since then. A husband & wife duo, they interview chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, authors, wine & spirit professionals, food producers, cookware/kitchen gadget makers and other culinary luminaries. They discuss food trends & industry news, cover national & international culinary festivals & conferences & work with tourism agencies worldwide. Ann is a long-time food and travel writer, broadcaster, restaurant critic, former restaurant owner, accomplished cook and an experienced consumer–having lived, traveled and dined across the country and around the world. She served as Pittsburgh Magazine’s restaurant editor for 14-years, and has written extensively for other publications, as well as the Internet. She actively participates in the James Beard Foundation as well as numerous Critic Choice programs.

Peter holds a Master’s degree in geography from the University of Cambridge, he is highly qualified to serve as On the Menu’s travel planner and king of logistics. He is also a dedicated oenophile & spirits aficionado. As an internationally recognized expert on telecommunications and computing, he uses the Internet as the major means for exploring new destinations, selecting and making reservations.

Kontos sells its products to retailers and foodservice establishments across North America and several other countries. Find Kontos on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kontosfoods and follow the company on Twitter @KontosFoods.

About Kontos Foods

Founded in 1987, Kontos Foods, Inc. is a Paterson, New Jersey-based provider of artisan breads and traditional Mediterranean foods for restaurants, hotels, food service, retail specialty stores and supermarkets worldwide. The family-owned company specializes in hand-stretched flatbreads, including the Kontos Pocket-Less Pita®, Fillo dough, pastries, olives, gyro meats, and Greek yogurts, as well as over 60 varieties of multi-ethnic flatbreads. Kontos Foods has over 275 employees and was founded by Evripides (Evris) Kontos and his son Steve, who together bring over 100 years’ experience in the premium food industry. The company’s bread and Fillo products are made in the USA. Visit https://www.kontos.com or call (973) 278-2800.

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