Kontos Foods to Exhibit at the New York Restaurant Show

Featured Items to Include Pocket-Less Pita®, Greek Lifestyle Flatbread®, Gyro breads, grilled Panini breads, All-Natural, French-Style Crepes, and Fillo Dough/Pastries!

Paterson, New Jersey – March 1, 2019 –On the heels of attending two back-to-back international food shows, Kontos Foods, Inc., a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of traditional artisan breads and Mediterranean specialty foods, will be staying closer to home this weekend as it prepares to exhibit at the International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York, also known as the NY Restaurant Show. The show is being held March 3-5 at the Javits Center in New York. Kontos will be exhibiting at Booth #1767.

Kontos Foods will be featuring its full lineup of 60+ flatbreads, Fillo Dough and Baklava pastries, as well as its newest item, Toasted Tidbits™, made from sliced Kontos’ signature GYRO Bread, toasted into delicious Tidbits™.  Featured flatbreads will include Kontos Pocket-Less Pita®, Greek Lifestyle Flatbread®, Gyro breads, grilled Panini breads, All-Natural, French-Style Crepes, and other ethnic flatbreads. Fillo dough, which comes in varying thicknesses, as well as Kataifi dough, will also be available for viewing.

Kontos Foods flatbreads come in a wide variety of flavors and styles, perfect for appealing to food service and restaurants catering to multiethnic customers, found in the New York area. For instance:

Gyro Bread – This bread is ‘pre-oiled’ for easier handling and requires a minimal amount of heating to become extremely flexible. Ideal for traditional souvlaki/kabobs and gyros.

Grilled Panini Bread – This oval bread is ‘pre-grilled’ for convenience; requires a minimal amount of heating to become extremely flexible. Ideal for Panini sandwiches and bruschetta.

Massala Nan – A blend of fresh chopped hot chili and onions with oriental spices create this wonderfully flavorful oval flatbread.

Lavash – The perfect ‘roll-up’ flatbread! This soft and pliable 9 by 11-inch rectangular flatbread rolls in both directions.  Because it is yeast based, it will absorb moisture and not fall apart.  May also be used to make ‘pinwheels’ for appetizers.

Greek Lifestyle Flatbread – A hand-stretched flatbread with 2x protein, 1/2 carbohydrates, and less sugar and calories than other flatbreads; ideal for sandwiches and appetizers.

9 and 11-Inch Traditional and Savory Crepes – These crepes have a delicate, contemporary flavor and texture to complement a variety of fillings; they also make a delicious low-cal substitute for a traditional wrap. The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show, also known as the NYS Restaurant Association Show is co-located with the Healthy Food Expo New York and Coffee Fest.

The show features 550 vendors and is the only all-encompassing event in New York serving the restaurant and foodservice industry. Kontos Foods flatbread lineup is unique in its international scope, appealing to a wide range of restaurants and foodservice establishments. “Our breads are as international as New York,” said Steve Kontos, president and owner of Kontos Foods. The way many of Kontos Foods’ flatbreads are made, also makes them a natural for food service and restaurants, Kontos added. “Not only are they easy to heat and serve—they taste fresh from the oven, every time. ”

Kontos sells its products to retailers and foodservice establishments across North America and several other countries. All of its flatbreads are made in the U.S.A. Find Kontos on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kontosfoods and follow the company on Twitter @KontosFoods and Instagram @KontosFoods.

About Kontos Foods

Founded in 1987, Kontos Foods, Inc. is a Paterson, New Jersey-based provider of artisan breads and traditional Mediterranean foods for restaurants, hotels, food service, retail specialty stores and supermarkets worldwide. The family-owned company specializes in hand-stretched flatbreads, including the Kontos Pocket-Less Pita®, Fillo dough, pastries, olives, gyro meats, and Greek yogurts, as well as over 60 varieties of multi-ethnic flatbreads. Kontos Foods has over 275 employees and was founded by Evripides (Evris) Kontos and his son Steve, who together bring over 100 years’ experience in the premium food industry. The company’s bread and Fillo products are made in the USA. Visit https://kontos.com or call (973) 278-2800.

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