Hand-stretched. Artisanal. Flavourful.

Our Bakery

For more than 60 years we have produced premium-quality products using the finest ingredients and time-honored methods.


Whether you’re preparing dinner for your family, lunch for a hundred restaurant patrons, or those special desserts for the pastry counter in your market, Kontos has the finest products for your culinary needs..

It's our
hand-stretching technique that makes all the difference.

Hand-stretched method

Our breads are hand-stretched to achieve a crisp crust & fluffy center.

Pre-oiled Greatness

Our pre-oiled breads are infused with extra virgin olive oil for flexibility and rich taste.

Pre-Grilled Perfection

Our pre-grilled breads are designed to transfer heat quickly, while achieving great presentation with minimal cook time.

Our product lines

We offer a variety of high quality, ethnic products.

From cheeses, olives, & yogurt to fillo dough & fillo pastries/appetizers, we are your trusted source for Mediterranean goods.

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